Why our projects?

1. The author of the projects has more than 10 years of practice in the construction of furnace structures
2. Already more than a hundred combinations of stove projects and this is not the limit. Not noticeable? Play with the options of choice
3. Clear catalog structure from the smallest furnace to the largest
3. Maximum permissible accompaniment in the explanations and comments of the draft in Russian and international languages
4. Maximum compact project scope, including both the layout of each row and the incisions of the kiln for visualization
5. Convenient format of documents, projects and drawings that will open on any device
6. Compliance with SPD and stove project included
7. Instructions for maintenance and use of the kiln
8. Even a novice oven will be able to understand the projects that will save money
9. There are free stove projects in each section
10. Convenient purchase service and quickest access to the project from the moment of payment
11. Material specification for each project

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