Personal Information (cookie)

Definition of cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data (file) that is stored by a web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, etc.) on your computer or mobile device at the site's command to store some configuration or tracking information locally.
These files may be stored on your device for a different period of time, which depends on the settings in the browser, for example, until the browser closes, or until the user deletes them manually. The maximum lifetime of cookies after consent is 365 days.
Cookies are not available to other sites because the site uses local storage of data on your device, and also uses a cryptographic encryption protocol - SSL.
Modern browsers allow users to accept cookies, or not, but disabling them makes it harder to use sites.
Our site complies with the European Union Regulation (GDPR) requiring the user's consent before setting a cookie.

General Uses and Purposes

While browsing the pages of our website, anonymous data about the Visitor is automatically collected from cookies:
- user's IP address;
- region of the user's location;
- user action (click and cursor movement);
- date and time of user action;
- e-mail address of the page;
- number of page views;
- referrer;
- browser name;
- screen resolution;
- data filled in the site forms.

Our site uses cookies for several purposes:
- authorization - makes it possible to store data for repeated visits. Registration and authorization are required to make a purchase and transfer of goods;
- storage of user data - allows you to store data such as: the selected language of the site; storage of goods in the wish list; storage of goods in the basket;
- data analysis - statistics about users, browsing history and page availability, as well as determining the quality of the site for subsequent improvements to its work

Third parties

We use Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics to analyze the availability of the site and how our web pages are used in order to optimize the performance of our site. These services also generate statistics about the number of visitors to our site and tell you where visitors are coming from, as well as when and for how long they visited the pages. When using our site, these services may place their own anonymous cookies on the visitor's browser, which include such as: IP address, HTTP referrer, unique device identifier, server logs and other non-personally identifiable information. If you are against such services, then you can use Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica blockers, or refuse to continue working with our site.

Setting, deactivating and deleting cookies

When visiting the site in the cookie information window, you can use the "Settings" button and determine which sections of cookies you agree with and which you do not. Also, you can always set your browser to reject third-party cookies. Below are links to guides on cookie settings in popular browsers:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox for Android
Opera for Android and iOS
Safari for iOS
Safari for macOS


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